$19,743 in minutes with Fortune Magazine as a witness.

The Full Contact Trading System Will Prepare You For Greatness

You know what the stock market is but what you really want to know is – Can I be great at this? Can I make real money? Can I live the life style I’ve always dreamed of?

The answer to all of those questions is absolutely yes. Even better, it can now be explained in a way that is very easy to understand. Before he became an international television star, Adam Mesh received fame in fortune. His trading was featured in fortune magazine and they dubbed him “the new market maker.” Now, for the first time ever, he wants to share his unique trading strategy with you.

After spending over a decade working with professional traders and absolute beginner’s, Adam has defined the core elements needed for life changing stock market success. His experience as a stock market coach has enabled him to teach you his strategies for stock market success in a way that is easy to understand and easy to duplicate.

You’re going to learn one secret strategy that will change everything…


Dear Trader,

I have always been and always will be goal oriented and results driven. Stock market success can not be measured in effort, it can only be measured through actual results. My goal is not just to give you an education, it is to give you the skills to pull money out of the market on a consistent basis.

You are busy, your time is limited, but you know that nobody cares more about your money than YOU do.

My strategies and unique coaching method will put you in a position to reach your financial dreams.

You only need to spend a half hour a week and you can trade from anywhere.

You can achieve financial freedom.

The Full Contact Trading System will inspire you, motivate you and show you how easy it can be.

People are using this strategy right now to make more money than they ever dreamed of - in months not years!

This approach can turn $5,000 into $20,000 in 3 months.

It can turn $12,000 into $48,000 in 6 months.

I want to you to know what the pro’s know.

Professional trader’s use these strategies every day and now I want to share them with you.

Why Now?

With the current market volatility, people are afraid and confused. They are losing confidence in their financial institutions. They don’t know where to put their money. They NEED to learn how to protect themselves.

How Good Can I Be At This?

Let’s find out. There is no previously defined skill set needed to make money in the stock market. Certain people just have that X factor and there’s no reason why it can’t be you. I’ll show you how to make money in any market. It’s a risk reward system where the reward is always far greater.

The Full Contact Trading System is designed to inspire you, teach you discipline and get real results.

You will be given information that was required reading for any of my professional traders.

You will learn how people turned thousands into hundreds of thousands.

The Full Contact Trading System will change your approach to the stock market and it will inspire you to greatness.

Why Me?

This wasn’t my idea. I was a partner at a very successful trading firm. My primary responsibility was to train new traders. Then I went on television and NBC revealed that I had been featured in Fortune magazine several times. My inbox was flooded with thousands of people asking for help in the stock market. They wanted to learn from someone that had documented success. To quote that famous Fortune Magazine article,

“Mesh trades nearly 10,000 shares … in the few minutes I stand behind his desk, making $20,000 in the process … Clad in a scruffy old T-shirt and in desperate need of a shave, Mesh is an unlikely mascot for the new world of Wall Street. But … it's Mesh--not Peter Lynch or Warren Buffett--who typifies today's investor.”

- Fortune Magazine

I realized that people wanted someone they can trust to help them. So my answer to the question, “Why should I try your Full Contact Trading System?” is that you or someone just like you asked for my help. You wanted to learn how to trade for yourself in a way that makes sense and my Full Contact Trading System is your answer.

You want to learn from someone who’s actually made money trading and someone that you feel comfortable with and you will feel very comfortable with my style.

Take action now and you’ll receive your Full Contact Trading System in days.

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Are you ready to find out how good you can be at this?

Your Full Contact Trading System will get you started on stock market success and serve as a guide that you can always go back to for reinforcement.

Your Full Contact Trading System will include:

*A 90 minute Full Contact teleseminar. Get instant access to the most powerful call I have ever done and listen carefully as I interview the most successful trader I know. (valued at $597)

*The Greatest Trading Book I have ever read. I have read this book at least ten times and it was required reading for every trader at my company. The strategies in this book are timeless and the lessons are invaluable. (valued at $30 but invaluable for stock market success)

*The Full Contact trading Workbook. This is where you take your excitement and energy and turn it into action. My unique strategies will give you a huge edge and show you how to start small and snowball it into a fortune. (valued at $1397)

This entire package is worth over $2,000.

I was advised to sell this for thousands but I want to make this available to as amany people as possible.

I don’t want a high entry point to be the obstacle that prevents you from having stock market success.

I want to lower your barrier to entry so you can reach your financial dreams.

That is why I am offering the COMPLETE Full Contact Trading System for $97.00. Talk about a great risk reward! $97.00 to see how good you can be at this.

I’ve worked hard to develop a respected name and a solid reputation. I plan on using that name a lot in the future and I wouldn’t jeopardize it by issuing a product that doesn’t represent what I’m all about. I believe in the Full Contact Trading System and you will start benefiting from it right away.

Just to remove any doubt, I’ll offer a 90 day money back guarantee. That’s how confident I am that this system will inspire you and transform your trading. That might not always be there so order the Full Contact Trading System now.

Kind Regards,

Adam Mesh

P.S. If you are serious about making money in the stock market, this System will transform you.

Here’s what people are saying about Adam:

Thank you so much for the info. I did listen today to the broadcast. I am so excited to be linked to such an outstanding leader , Adam Mesh. I was so blessed to get his call. I have been searching for months for a leader I felt comfortable with. He is just great! I can't wait to get started.


- Millie Palmieri
Wahiawa, HI

Hi Adam,

I'm listening to your Full Contact Trading Seminar as I write this...I think it's EXCELLENT!! Great job! This is so good on so many levels!! If someone isn't excited after experiencing this, they are dead from the neck up!!! I like the fact I can listen to you speaking, can look at the market, listen over the internet or phone and ask questions at the same time! I also like the fact that I can listen to this at any time. I appreciate all that you have and are in the process of creating. I'm pumped! I'm going to the gym just to work off all of this energy..otherwise I won't be able to sleep. Well done sir.

- Darryl
Houston, TX

Just wanted to say, Thank You. It might have taken me a little longer to get things going, but I'll bet I am one of the few (along with your other students) that made money while the market was going down. What a thrill - to actually be profitable is good; but to do it against the crowd is great. Granted my first trade was a small loss (thanks to you explaining where to put stops). But my second trade was a winner. My profit was just under $300 in a short period of time. Looking to do many more like this. By the way, I really enjoy the Thursday calls.

Thanks again,

- Sandi R.
Concord, OH

I began trading with Adam in January of this year. I had been trading stocks on my own for some time with varying degrees of success. Most of that success had evaporated in 2000 when I got caught in the market downturn and had held on, with some positions going all the way to zero. (Certainly not a good way to make money in stocks.) I finally decided that not only could a mentorship improve my trading skills but in the long run would more than pay for itself. I was impressed with Adam's emphasis on discipline, and this aspect of trading is what I still have the most struggle with, though I am getting better at it. My initial goal was to supplement my income by $500-$1000 per month while increasing my IRA growth by twice that amount (IRA is largely in mutual funds).

Over the last 2-3 months, I have actually been getting returns that are twice that amount, this during a time that has been very volatile. In addition, I cannot begin to estimate the dollars saved by getting out of bad trades early, rather than holding on hoping that the market will turn around in my favor. Today, has been a bad day for the market, but so was Friday, October 19. But using Adam's methodologies, I was able to keep my losses manageable and through yesterday had not only recouped any losses but actually increased my overall portfolio by several thousand dollars.

So what is it that Adam teaches that works.

#1 -- Discipline, discipline, discipline. This has been the hardest concept for me to grasp although it is probably the simplest. New traders do not have to unlearn the bad habits that I taught myself.

#2 -- How to identify stocks that have the potential for rapidly accelerating based on increasing volume and support and resistance lines.

#3 -- When to buy a stock, and when to get out with either a profit (so you don't give back your gains) or a stop-loss so you do not stay in a bad trade.

#4 -- His rule of 5's and 10's. This is a technique that has been invaluable to me in getting better prices on a stock. Example: October 25 I bought POT. I had been watching this stock but did not feel like chasing it. So when it began to come off its lows that morning and rose above 100, I put in an order that got filled at 100.35. On October 30 it reached a high of around 123, so when it began to come back down, I decided to lock in profits at 120.05. I think even Adam would be happy with 20 points in 4 days! Do all my trades turn out this well? Definitely not! But having had Adam as a mentor has improved my odds.

#5 -- Being satisfied with singles if that is all the market gives. All of us like home runs, but just like in baseball, the one who swings for the fences most often is the one who frequently strikes out.

The major difference in results over the last couple of months has been a willingness to take $500, $300, sometimes even $200 on a trade; sometimes even less. Now if I could just maintain that type of discipline with all my trades, I could quit my job. William A. in Michigan

- William A.

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